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December 17, 2009
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Have you ever had a childhood love that you can't let go for anything? Even if you are totally grownup? If you do what if you loved that childhood thing a little too much?
That is what 20 year old Laura had yet to figure out.  She was a college student from Depaul University.  Her major was medicine.  She wanted to be a veterinarian soon.  Why? She liked animals!  While she has free time from studying so hard which is usually on Saturday, she plays with her little sister who really liked My Little pony. They played with their my Little pony dolls a lot.  Not all the time though.  Laura wanted to be left alone from her little sister a lot as she was known to tattle tell.
Years later in the presen time, Laura and her sister still get along and play with their My Little Pony Dolls.  One day, Laura got an idea. "Marene, if you could be any My Little pony, who would you be?"
"I would be Pinky Pie, she likes parties just like me, she likes pink just like me.  I love pink!"
"Blah, pink? I think you're going to grow out of liking that color." Laura said.
"No, I'll like pink forever." Marene said.
"Sure you will." Laura said matter of factly.  "I used to love pink when I was little, but then I slowly grew out of it.  I guess pink wasn't really my color..."
"What My Little Pony would you be?" Marene asked.
She thought for a moment.  "I loved My Little Pony since I was very little and I still do.  Back then there were different ponies.  The only one I had was Danity Dove. She was pretty not exactly my favorite that much."
Laura stared at the pegasus pony for a few minutes.  It was white with purple wings.  "I think I would be Star Catcher.  She is cool to me. She can fly and do all sorts of--"
Suddenly, their mom came through.  "What are you two talking about?" She asked.
Marene replied,"We were talking about what My Little Pony would we be."
Laura was embarrassed and it showed in her face.
"Ah, I used to like that toy a lot.  Laura, aren't you a little old to be playing with things like that?
Laura just wiped the embarrassment off.  "You're never too old to like your childhood things."
"Okay." Was all her mom could say.
The next morning, the two girl's mom treated them to the store.  Just an ordinary store with ordinary things in it.  Laura didn't have much money as she was laid off from her work which was part time.  She didn't care to ask her mom she needed money.  She thought she had enough for herself and Marene. She was wrong.
She had hardly any money.  Just 50 bucks.  She went to a lot of stores but their prices were high.  She was about to ask her mom for some spare change when she ran across a toy store that was really cheap.
She and Marene went to check it out.  The store had nothing but stickers in it.
They was about to turn back when they were treated with My Little Pony stickers. They were really pretty.  There was one with star song and Pinkie Pie together.  Really cute...
"Oh you guys are my first customers in 5 hours!  I'm Mrs. Loretta. The head of the store, please, come and buy something! They're only 5 dollars a pack!"
"That's a bargain with the money I have." Laura stated.
"Of course it is.  With the economy going haywire, this is what you get!" Mrs. Laretta said.
Laura eyed the Star Catcher and Pinkie Pie stickers. "Can we get those?" Marene asked.
"Why not?" Laura stated.  "You guys see something?" Mrs Loretta asked.
"You know we do! We want those stickers with the My Little Ponies Pinkie Pie and Star Catcher on it!"
Mrs Loretta looked serious now.  "Those are really special.  Since you guys are such good customers, they are 2 dollars."
"Thanks a lot!" Laura said. She bought the stickers and went home with her mom in the car.
"So what did you buy?" Her mom asked.
Laura tried to say something but her sister butted in, "We got some My Little Pony stickers.  They are so cute!"
Their mom just sighed and said,"Laura, those stickers are for her right?"
"Well, no they're for me and her." Laura said.
"Let me talk to you when we get home." Her mom said.  When they got home, the sister was sent to her room to play with the stickers.  She put one on her table, and on her hand...
"Laura, you are an adult. Why are you constantly fascinated with these little horses?"
"Mom I told you, you don't have to be a kid to like those things."
"You just have to accept that you are now out of that stage.  You have to do work--"
"I got laid off."
"That's why you are going to college now. Have you even studied--"
"I have mom."
Her mom just sighed in frustration.  "The point is, you have to stop being so fascinated with this little toy.  You're not a kid anymore.  Now let your sister have those toys.  We'll get you something more adult tomorrow."
Laura was mad.  It's not fair. She liked the little ponies since she was little and her mom was trying to pry her out of it.  She almost wished she was somewhere far away... if she had money. She went in her and her sister's room.
"Laura, what happened?" Marene asked
"Mom said that I can't play with the stickers."
"Mom can say what she wants.  You can have the Star Catcher sticker.  I know she's your favorite.  I won't tell mom."  She gave the sticker to Laura,
"You know, we used to put the stickers we liked on our hand too." She said as she eyed the sticker on her sister's hand.  Laura put  the sticker on her hand. She liked doing things like a kid just like her father.
She looked at the Star Catcher sticker for a long time. It was pretty.  She soon eyed her sister's sticker on her hand...which was turning her hand pink.
Laura looked in awe.
"What's wrong Laura? Why are you staring at my hand?" Marene asked.
"I know now why these were so special they were's turning your hands pink!"
Marene looked down and gasped.  She was her favorite color pink! The effects were going all over her body.
"Marene! Take it off!" Laura screamed.
Marene tried to pull it off, no go.  "I can't. It's stuck!"
Laura tried to pull it off but when she did she discovered she had hooves!  She was turning white all through her body. She panicked and tried to pull off the sticker with her mouth.  No go, but her mouth pushed into a pony snout.  Wings grew out her shoulder blades.  Her clothes slowly disappeared.
"We're hosed." The completely pink Marene said.  "I'll run to Mom!" She tried to run but her shoes disappeared and her hooves replaced her feet and hands.
"What's happening to us?" Mareen said as her mouth pushed into a pony snout.
Meanwhile their mom was sleep dreaming of her early adult past.  Her mother told her to stop liking My Little Pony when she was Laura's age.  She didn't like it at all.  It was a nightmare.  She once brought up a My Little Pony doll by mistake when she was trying to get a job.  Her mom almost hit her but she woke out of the bad dream.  She realized that treating Laura the way she did was the wrong thing to do.
She went to Laura and Marene's room.
"Laura, I have something to say..."
All the mom saw was two half changed ponies with scared faces staring at her.  Their stickers disappeared.  Their manes grew very long and designs went on their forhead and rump.
Laura's mom sighed.  I'm sorry for what I said to you.  I should've looked back on what I went through.  So you two continue playing...whatever you were playing."
Laura the white pegasus looked in shock. "Mom we were playing nothing! We're ponies now!"
"Thanks to you love of them and those stickers.  You got them from that sticker store did you?"
Yes. How did you--"
"That woman has been coming there since the seventies. I recon that the store is gone now since you bought a pack from there...she'll come around a year from now..."
"You knew?!" Marene said.
"Of course. Like I said, I was into the toys when I was little. Almost fell for the stickers that looked so pretty but luckily my mom came and stopped me."
"What do we do now?"  Laura said worried.  She didn't want to stay a pony forever.
Marene didn't mind it.  She was Pinkie Pie, her favorite pony.
"This is great! We can run around free!" Laura said excitedly.
"Laura you're a pony I can't have you running around like this." Their mom said.  
Laura looked in worry.  They had to do something.  Suddenly, their mom thought of another idea that her mom told her.
"Come with me. There should be a cure somewhere in the store where you got those stickers.
So off the three went in disguise.  Their mom told the people that they were animatronic robots.  The people went away with it.  They approached the store and they met with the store manager that appeared out of nowhere.  "I've got the antidote." The store manager said.
The two ponies and their human mother looked in anticipation.
"But, I have another idea.  There is a portal to Ponyville out west.  Your mother can join you in becoming a part of the place if she wants.
Their mother said no.
"I want to stay a pony." Mareen said in whine.
"But Maureen--"  Laura was cut off.
"Fine.  If it will make my children happy, then I will become a pony too.
This Tf doesn't make much sense in the moment.
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Twighlightmermaid41 Apr 2, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Plz part two or do a princess luna tf
Nikkigamer Apr 2, 2014  Student Writer
Okay I'll see what I can do.
Benthemonky Mar 22, 2014
...this sonds like my nightmere being a pony
Nikkigamer Mar 22, 2014  Student Writer
Interesting.  Very interesting.
jacobmosovich Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do they have magic┐ They should stay in the real world they'd be famous along with the store manager
Nikkigamer Mar 14, 2014  Student Writer
Yes they do.  I should work on part 2 as to why that is.
jacobmosovich Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I look forward to it
Nikkigamer Mar 14, 2014  Student Writer
jacobmosovich Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome friend here have a llama.
Nikkigamer Mar 14, 2014  Student Writer
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